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Das Spielfeld ist wie üblich in viele kleine Kästchen unterteilt. Die Hinweise zu den gesuchten Worten finden Sie ganz praktisch wie in der Zeitung direkt im Spielfeld.

Nutzen Sie die Tastatur, um Ihre Lösungsvorschläge einzutippen. Haben Sie sich einmal geirrt, ist das kein Problem. Entfernen Sie die Buchstaben einfach mit der Rücktaste.

Gespielt wird einfach mit Ihrer Computer-Tastatur: Finden Sie die richtigen Begriffe und tragen Sie diese in die senkrechten und waagerechten Spalten ein.

Haben Sie im Spiel alle mit Zahlen markierten Buchstaben richtig ausgefüllt, erhalten Sie als Lösungswort.

Wenn Sie einen Suchbegriff nicht gleich erraten, hilft Ihnen die Joker-Funktion weiter und unterstützt Sie beim Finden der richtigen Lösung: Bis zu drei mal können Sie sich einen Buchstaben vorsagen lassen und sich so die Suche erleichtern.

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Not sure yet? If you have a serious heart condition or severely low blood pressure, you should not have a tilt table test. Not only will these conditions predispose you to a high chance of fainting, there is little chance that the test could provide your doctors with additional useful information if you already know that you have these conditions.

If you are scheduled for a tilt table test, you should ask your doctor if you need to stop taking any of your usual medications.

Your doctor might ask you to stop taking those that alter your heart rate or blood pressure for a day or so before the test, but, because the evaluation of unexplained syncope is so complex and individualized, there is no hard and fast rule about this.

You should expect that the test and recovery time should take about half a day. The test itself should take about an hour.

After the test, some people may feel dizzy or lightheaded, while others may recover right away. It is almost impossible to predict how long the positional changes or medications will affect you, so it is best to anticipate a two- to three-hour recovery time when the test is done.

You won't receive your results the day of the test and may need to wait several days for them. Your tilt table test will most likely be done in an outpatient suite, although some doctors have this capability in their offices.

What to Wear. You can wear whatever is comfortable for your test, and you will likely be asked to change into an examination gown.

Food and Drink. You should not eat or drink for two hours before your test, mainly because the test can induce nausea. Cost and Health Insurance.

As with many diagnostic tests, you may need insurance pre-authorization. The facility where your test is scheduled should be able to tell you if your health insurance requires this and how long the process should take.

You may also need to pay a co-pay, and the facility can provide you with this information as well. If you are going to pay for the test yourself, you should expect the test to cost several hundred dollars, but you should ask about the total cost, because the price can be highly variable.

What to Bring. You should bring your test order form, your insurance information, a form of identification, a form of payment. You should also be sure to have someone with you who can drive you home in case you become dizzy during the test.

Your own doctor may be performing your test, or it may be performed by another physician. You will also have one or more technicians assisting the doctor with the test.

Before the test, you will have to check in and sign a consent form, as well as patient privacy forms. Right before your test, you may be asked to change into an examination gown.

You will then lie down on a table and be secured to it so that you can maintain your position when it is moved. You will have a blood pressure cuff placed on your arm, as well as EKG leads placed on your chest.

Your pulse and oxygen saturation will be monitored by a pulse oximeter, which is a small clip that is placed on the tip of your finger. Throughout the Test.

Initially, the team will assess your vital signs while you are lying down, and then the table will be mechanically tilted to an upright position.

Because you are secured, this requires no effort from you. Your team will monitor your symptoms and physiological signs, such as blood pressure, heart rate, and possibly oxygen levels, while you are in a motionless standing position for 10 to 60 minutes.

In some instances, you may receive a medication, Isuprel isoproterenol , which speeds the heart rate, making symptoms more noticeable.

During this test, you may experience dizziness, lightheadedness, or syncope, but not pain. They may administer treatment to reverse your symptoms and physiological changes if necessary.

Resolution of symptoms can take seconds or hours. After the test is completed, all monitoring and straps will be removed.

After the test, your team will make sure that you have recovered from any dizziness or nausea and will provide you with instructions regarding eating, drinking, and resting based on your symptoms, clinical signs, and how well you are recovering.

You will then be permitted to be driven home. You should expect to recover within a few hours, even if you experience dizziness or loss of consciousness during the test.

Managing Side Effects. If you experience mild dizziness within the first 24 hours after your test, it is fine to lie down.

If you experience persistent symptoms that last longer than one day after the test, you should call your doctor. If you feel more lightheaded than usual, or have vision changes, chest pain, or seizures, these are not expected outcomes of a tilt table test, and you should seek urgent medical attention.

The test itself does not provide a definitive diagnosis of any medical condition. It provides information that your doctors can use along with your medical history.

In fact, it is important to know that the results are not based in any clear positive or negatives. For example, almost everyone has a minor drop in blood pressure and a slight increase in heart rate when moving from sitting to standing, but the rate at which these changes occur, as well as the degree to which they occur and their association with symptoms are all evaluated together to come to a conclusion.

The doctor who does your tilt table test will probably need some time to evaluate the outcomes of your test to compile a report. If your doctor is not the same person who did your tilt table test, then your doctor will need to review that report and assess it in combination with your symptoms and medical history to be able to discuss a diagnosis and plan with you.

It may take several days for the team to be able to combine all of this information to determine the next steps.

To give you a sense of what certain observations during the test can indicate:. In general, a tilt table test is not usually repeated.

If the results point to orthostatic hypotension as the cause of your symptoms, then you will likely be treated with medications that raise your blood pressure or increase the fluid in your body.

Vasovagal syncope is somewhat difficult to treat, and there is a chance that you may also need to take medication to raise your blood pressure.

A tilt table test is a non-invasive procedure that is used in combination with your medical history and physical examination to assess the cause of your syncopal episodes.

Syncope is a stressful symptom, and the medical workup is often prolonged and complex. Heart Attack Tools and Resources.

What is a tilt-table test? Quick facts Doctors use tilt-table tests to find out why people feel faint or lightheaded or actually completely pass out.

Tilt-table tests can be used to see if fainting is due to abnormal control of heart rate or blood pressure. A very slow heart rate bradycardia can cause fainting.

During the test, you lie on a special table that can have your head raised so that it is elevated to 60 to 80 degrees above the rest of your body while a nurse or doctor monitors your blood pressure and heart rate.

You may have an IV inserted to give medicine or draw blood. Why do people have tilt-table tests? Are there risks with tilt-table tests? How do I prepare for a tilt-table test?

If you will have a morning test, your doctor may tell you not to eat or drink after midnight the night before. If you take medicine, ask your doctor if you should keep taking it on your regular schedule before the test.

What happens during a tilt-table test? Part One The first part of the test shows how your body responds when you change positions. You lie on your back on a table.

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