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The Chronicle's John McClain is answering your Texans questions right now in his weekly Texas Sports Nation chat. Please leave your question for the General​. Dieser Artikel befasst sich mit dem Abschnitt SportsNation von "​The Morning Buzz" war die erste von vielen Chat-Sitzungen und fand an jedem. SportsNation: Sports Trivia, Polls, Chat and More - ESPN. The old ESPN profile pages that lived at have been retired.

Al Harrington Stehen ein paar interessante Sachen drin. Und wenn man sich die Netsl mal so vorstellt, mit LeBron, Lopez. He's a terrific NBA prospect who could end up going in the Top 10 if he plays at this high level all season." -chad-ford. SportsNation: Sports Trivia, Polls, Chat and More - ESPN. The old ESPN profile pages that lived at have been retired.

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Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Auf die FAs zu setzen ist schon ein Risiko, da sich viele Teams nach denen die Finger lecken. Previous Vincy Next article. Myself and other Floyd fans are dying to hear any unreleased material from the Slots Spiele Online era. JG, Thank you! What's this issue Winw people have mentioned in your chats? Anyone looking for Henman to make a mini-run here in his last Slam? Dieser Artikel befasst sich mit dem Abschnitt SportsNation von "​The Morning Buzz" war die erste von vielen Chat-Sitzungen und fand an jedem. Stehen ein paar interessante Sachen drin. Und wenn man sich die Netsl mal so vorstellt, mit LeBron, Lopez. The Chronicle's John McClain is answering your Texans questions right now in his weekly Texas Sports Nation chat. Please leave your question for the General​. In einem Internet Chat, von Sportsnation, antwortete Nick Mason auf die Frage vieler Sportwagen Fans, nebenbei wurde auch welche über Pink. Visit SportsNation to get sports trivia, take polls, participate in chats and more on ESPN. Join Now. Key terms - Valid for new UK customers who registered from 20/08/ Qualifying stake must be on Horse Racing, Premier League, Championship or Champions League home or away selections. Welcome to The Show! On Monday afternoon, Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto - will drop by to take your questions and analyze all the latest football news from a fantasy perspective. Berry is. Welcome to The Show! On Wednesday, NFL super agent Drew Rosenhaus will stop by to chat. Rosenhaus represents at least one player on 29 of the teams in the NFL and over players. In , he. SportsNation We'll be bringing you all the info you need, leading up to the big game. We'll have NFL analysts, writers and many other special guests throughout the week. Send your questions and.

Here we go: Six multiple-choice questions on the likely first-rounders. Shoot your shot. Here we go: Ten multiple-choice questions on the All-Stars and snubs.

Loosened restrictions on sneaker colors were evident from the opening tip of the very first game of the season. With David West's retirement, there are six players left from one of the best draft classes ever.

Test your draft knowledge with our quiz! LZ Granderson and Jemele Hill voice their disdain at the French Open issuing a dress code specifically at Serena Williams.

Former Giants WR Victor Cruz believes that Odell Beckham Jr. LZ Granderson and Jemele Hill both agree that Giants QB Eli Manning shouldn't have been ranked No.

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More ESPN Local Los Angeles New York. The thinking is that there's no way Dan Gilbert is going to let him make another lottery pick if that's the direction the Cavs end up heading.

Grant's goal via his owner is to get this team competitive and into the playoffs. The Deng move was supposed to help. But so far Chemistry is a major issue there and some of that is on Mike Brown.

But more of it is on the collection of players in Cleveland at the moment. Something has to happen quick. Kyrie Irving has been telling people privately he wants out.

Cleveland can't afford to lose him and LeBron. They know the urgency. I expect them to be major players at the deadline.

Those mid first rounders aren't particularly valuable at the moment. The draft is very strong , maybe Then starts to drop off pretty dramatically.

So, I doubt the Suns can get a lot for them. But that Emeka Okafor expiring contract they have -- that's the valuable chip. Pair that together with a couple of mid first rounders and maybe they add another piece that helps them secure a better seed in the playoffs.

Doubt it. But I'm not sure it will be LeBron that leaves. From what I can gather talking to teams and agents around the league, it's Chris Bosh who is the most likely to leave.

LeBron and Wade are so good, I think we all forget what a force Bosh can be. Lots of teams would give him the max and feature him in ways Miami can't.

LeBron might leave, but I think the odds are in Miami's favor. If Durant wins the MVP and Finals MVP by beating the Heat, are we going to talk about him being the best player in the league going into '?

Way he's playing right now? He is the best player in the league. I'm a huge LeBron fan and have felt he's been the MVP in the league last five years.

But this year, my vote, if it were taken today, is for Durant. Not just for season MVP. But as the best player in the league today.

How do you see the trade deadline playing out for the Orlando Magic? Especially for Afflalo. He's been a borderline All-Star this year. Can you think of a pairing that likes to launch midrange jumpers more than Boozer-Yi?

Hi Kevin. Are you worried about the Warriors? Or is the first game just an indication that team chemistry will take time? If they struggle again tonight I'll start to be a little more concerned.

Is there a correlation between an increase with the pace of play leading to a decrease in defensive efficiency?

For example, the Rockets-Lakers game was extremely fast paced and there were times that it appeared no one was even trying on defense.

Yes, though it's somewhat difficult to tease out causation here. Do teams play faster because they know their half-court defense isn't very good?

The most surprising part of the Lakers season will be: 1 Ingram's quick development 2 Russell's improvement 3 Walton's effect on the team.

Please pick one. Are the Bulls stealth tanking? Cannot imagine other reasonable explanation to MCW, Rondo, Wade in a pace and space system such as Hoiberg's.

Does the 76ers performance on Wednesday change your opinion on how many games they may win this season? No, I think that a close loss at home to what should be a playoff team is pretty much in line with them winning around 25 games.

What are your thoughts on Walton having Ingram initiate the 2nd unit's offense as a de facto point guard? I'm a bit skeptical of Ingram's potential as a creator, but I think it makes sense to push him to grow his game this season.

In the short term, probably not that much since they've been a very good offensive team in the regular season. In the long term, yes, since he's so much younger than DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry.

If there was one untracked stat that you could get data on, what would it be and why? In other words, what is the most interesting or most important thing that is not captured by modern analytics data in your opinion?

SportVU captures so much that a lot of my answers as far as what's publicly available -- a lot of spacing stuff, basically -- is available to enterprising teams.

Going beyond that, maybe something to do with players' physiological states? I think Gordon's got a much better shot of developing into an average or better offensive player, particularly if he plays his best position power forward.

Is Dwayne Wade's recent hot 3-point shooting stretch dating back from last season's playoffs to yesterday's game any indication he might have developed a decent 3-point shot?

Or is it just fool's gold? As I said on today's TrueHoop pod out soon! Tom Haberstroh noted on Twitter yesterday that Wade is now of between the postseason, preseason and the season opener.

That's still not exactly a robust schedule but it is starting to suggest some kind of real change and not entirely a fluke.

Why do you think Mirotic keeps getting criticized over his defense? He isn't a defensive juggernaut by any means, but I saw him yesterday against the Celtics and he held his ground when they were attacking him one on one.

I think it has mostly to do with where he's from, what he looks like and his style of play on offense. Here's a deep cut: why can't Dorell Wright stick on an NBA roster?

I've thought the Cavs could use him since Lebron came back and believed he could challenge for rotation minutes with the Clippers.

Over the last 5 seasons he has a positive BPM, a league average PER, about 0. Wesley Johnson and Mbah a Moute are far inferior in all of these advanced stats.

Is Wright a bad locker-room guy or teammate? I think I remember hearing some stories describing his enigmatic personality. Thanks for still continuing to do these chats!

I don't think that's it. Never heard about any issues with Wright in the Portland locker room -- in fact, if I recall correctly, he was praised for staying ready when he was out of the rotation in I think the biggest reason for the discrepancy is that coaches and scouts are less likely to trust 3-point specialists than metrics that value them for floor spacing.

What do you think about Satoransky? Seems to me the Wizards could use a player with his frame and skillset, but in the first game of the season he appeared to be behind Burke in the rotation.

I think it's less surprising he's behind Burke than Marcus Thornton at shooting guard. Thornton looked to be buying in defensively from what I saw last night, but that's never going to be a strength for him and it could be for Satoransky.

I wouldn't overreact to his poor shooting. He's not going to shoot 15 percent for a full season. But I do think we're seeing an extreme version of my concern that his individual inefficiency would cancel out a lot of the good things Turner does as a playmaker and improved defender.

Does your projection system weight the latter part of the season more when attempting to project into the future?

Seems like people always cherry pick when it comes to pointing out a great second half or x number of games. Is there any predictive power there or does it not matter when you control for other variables?

What I've found repeatedly is that looking at the full season has more predictive power than any individual segment of it. So that is not considered.

I was surprised by the Twitter outcry over this move. Goodwin is still young and has athletic potential but he hasn't really developed his tools at all in three NBA seasons.

Unless I had good reason to believe that being waived was a wake-up call that was going to change his practice habits, I'd pass. Convince me of a single reason why Minnesota keeping Payne -- who they are reportedly declining the option on -- over waiver claiming R.

Hunter wasn't inexcusable. There are surely teams out there that simply don't believe Hunter is an NBA player, which is their prerogative. But keeping Payne when he's almost certain not to return next season does not seem to make much sense.

It seems that coaches are always praised the most when they get a good result with what seems to be a not really talented team.

Is there a way to assess if good coaches are more valuable in win shares, maybe? I suppose, like anything else, there's probably an element of diminishing marginal returns.

The better the players, the less a coach can do to help them exceed their typical performance. But quantifying that is complex. I'm nervous about Joe Williams and the Utah defense's penchant for interceptions.

It does seem like the weakness of the Utah defense big plays in the pass game lines up well with what the Huskies have done best this season with Jake Browning finding John Ross, Dante Pettis and other targets, but that style could be a bit boom and bust for a favorite.

Does that just tell us that their bench was that bad? There's a lot of randomness in plus-minus data from game to game, but in this case the process seemed to match the results.

The reserve-heavy units struggled badly. Assuming good health as a constant, how would that impact your season projection for the Bulls?

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Luis Brasil What do you think about Satoransky? What is hurting it, is his struggles shooting the basketball. The reserve-heavy units struggled badly. Minimum odds of 1. Cleveland can't afford to lose him and LeBron. Going to have to live with it Jazz fans. Vince Sacramento Hey Kevin, Why does everyone give the Warriors the benefit of the doubt all the time? I don't think that's it. Eric from Milwaukee How are you Biggest Online Casino In The World to spend adequate 777 Dragon Casino with all your clints across the board? NCAA Bloggers Brian Bennett Heather Dinich Tim Griffin Chris Low Ted Miller Adam Rittenberg Permainan The House 1 Sportsnation Chat. They just want to see the country prosperous and see it moving in the WГјrth Aktionscode direction.

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Mai Visit SportsNation to get sports trivia, take polls, participate in chats and more on ESPN. Welcome to SportsNation! On Thursday, ESPN NBA Insider Chad Ford will drop by to talk some hoops. Ford covers the NBA and NBA Draft for ESPN Insider and also makes appearances on ESPN Radio and. Welcome to SportsNation! On Friday, NBA Insider Kevin Pelton stops by to chat about the latest news from the hardcourt. Pelton is a co-author of the Pro Basketball Prospectus series and a former.
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